Clients Testimonials

Surinder Singh ( Los Angeles, USA )

Shastri Ji is very kind and he patiently listens to our problems. from Last year I suffered from a severe love problem. I consulted for many astrologers. but No one solved my problem. That time I came to know about Shastriji. In very few days he solved my problem. my marriage has been fixed at 15 November. Really he is a very powerful & strong astrologer. Thanks, Shastri Ji


Sanghamitra Banerjee ( Delhi, India )

I have known Shastriji for 6 months, very powerful, He is the most unbelievable person I came to know I went to so many psychics and astrologers but did not get any help I gave up hope, after meeting him, My life was changed today I fell well and moving on with life, My friend he can take care of the worst situation. Where there was no hope.


Bhawna Adhir ( Toronto, Canada )

A very helpful person, he solved my family problems with graha poojas and recommending Gemstones, His suggestions are very useful in taking right decisions in life. I know he is not a god but Astrology help us to get good results along with our regular prayers and hard work. We should not forget our efforts to achieve our targets.


Priya Thakur ( New York, USA )

All I can say is…Shastri Ji !!! Fast and furious. I’ve been dealing with issues concerning my ex and him running in and out of my life. I made a decision that he was going to commit or move on. I got a reading and the card said I should keep him and now after the work was done we are married and buying our first home together and doing well in business. Thanks to this amazing and gifted soul who has helped me and my family. It wasn’t easy but it was worth the wait. Thanks Really genuine astrologer. I felt very batter after consulting Shastri Ji.Thanks, Shastri Ji for making my life happy.

Aditi Rana ( Faridabad Delhi, India )

I have consulted Shastri Ji I felt peaceful after talking to him. He has provided me great guidance and simple remedies to tackle the difficulties I am facing he is very knowledgeable and has all the required expertise. I am following all the suggestions and remedies he has recommended and they are bringing all positive changes in my married life. Sir as given me very short and simple ideas to follow and it works very nicely. He is very good and astrologer.

Vishal Sharma ( Chandigarh, India )

My wife had left me after my 4 years of marriage life. I feel so depressed and that time nobody gives me strength. I had seen about  Shastri Ji in online. I called him and immediately I got an appointment. In few days my wife returns back to me. Now I am very happy in my life.